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Music for Film

Space Western (2018)

This was just a fun track I made based on the hybrid genre known as "space western", in which I tried to fuse sci-fi and western elements.

Help Yourselves (2013)

This was a pilot for a sitcom produced by volunteers. I heard about the project, found out they needed a theme tune, and wrote this for them. The sitcom is set in a charity shop, and I felt that the music needed to sound chaotic and slapstick. The theme tune was created electronically, with myself providing the whistle track.

Rudo's Christmas Tail (2012)

A short Christmas animation created by Nick Gott, about a wistful little mouse. I took the opportunity to compose something sentimental and saccharine!

The Moon Child (2011)

This was a planned feature-length paper animation written, designed and directed by Nick Gott. Nick asked me to create a musical score for the story, and, although sadly the film was never made in its entirety, it was one of the earliest scores I ever composed and I am still proud of it today. The story was a fascinating modern fairytale in which an orphaned farm boy meets a celestial being who turns out to be the daughter of the Moon.

Vocals: Rachel Adcock

Cello: Lore Burns

Image © Nick Gott 2011

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